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In the beating heart of Gustavia's bustling rue Jeanne d'Arc, right across from the harbour, sits Blackcode's very first address in the West Indies archipelago. The restaurant aims to showcase Japanese gastronomy and French art de vivre, within an elegant wooden setting highlighted by dashing azur colours.

Kinugawa St-Barth, as it is nicknamed, stays as true to Japanese inspirations, as its Parisian counterparts have done for years now. Its cuisine unmistakably bears the Kinugawa trademark : one of Japanese tradition blended with contemporary vision.

On your way in, or out, one can stop by the cocktail bar in order to sip one of our signature cocktails while enjoying the view and the sea breeze.


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33 rue Jeanne d’Arc - Gustavia
97133 Saint-Barthélemy
Valet parking

(+590) 590 511 355

Open Monday to Saturday
From 7 PM